Best Video Mash-Up Ever


Here's your Friday fun link.

(The YouTube page doesn't give any credits, so I will: This was made by Darren Hacker. It's at least 10 years old, so you can't accuse him of jumping on the mash-up bandwagon.)

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  1. Very cool. I love the phrasing on the Darren Hacker bio page, “… the surreal short Velvet Welk, has been passed around more than a drunk sorority girl at Mardi Gras.” Quite subtle. 😉

  2. There is actually a pretty cool house remix of Laurence Welk called Late Night at Larry’s. It’s so bizare, its good.

    But this one takes the cake. Good find Jessee.

  3. those guys rock

  4. If the Republican cultural takeover of the country is so apparent, why hasn’t Welk-esque music had it’s gov’t mandated revival?

  5. Okay, I’m exposing my lack of hipness, but what is the name of the tune? I’m hearing what the Psychedelic Furs stole their sound from.

  6. The Lawrence Welk show gave us big hair:

  7. Mr. Nice Guy: It’s “Sister Ray.”

  8. I think they found that Lawrence Welk footage on an old VHS tape that was buried in the woods somewhere. Talk about blurry.

  9. I can’t get the video to work, but Sister Ray like Velvet Underground Sister Ray? White Light/White Heat rawks.

  10. Randoph, yes it is that Velvet Underground. The band that in order to you had to have a serious drug problem and a pair of sunglasses.

  11. JW: Thanks. I’m such a johnny-come-lately. I never really got into the Velvet Underground because I’m not a fan of Lou Reed.

    But his total lack of vocal ability actually sounds great with the raw clanging of guitars and meandering keyboard. And the whole thing sounds like they’re piping it through a blown-out speaker. It’s brilliant when artists use audio imperfections to their advantage.

    Jimi Hendrix.. ’nuff said.

  12. What mash-up bandwagon?

  13. Walker only posts this cutesy stuff because he applying all his awesome talent to doing a huge write-up on the social, cultural, historical and musical impact of ZZ Top.

  14. a huge write-up on the social, cultural, historical and musical impact of ZZ Top.

    Hmmm, intriguing idea. I think it has legs.

  15. John,
    Rather than seeing it as a problem, I think I have a serious drug solution.

  16. anyway, I thought the title of “best video mash up ever” goes to Dark Side of the Moon / Wizard of Oz. Am I wrong? Or does it not count?

    My favorite video mash up of all time was back in college. Somehow the Anthrax album (it was an album, at the time) “Among the Living” was paired with the Ernie and Bert Christmas special. Remember it well. Just as Ernie and Bert simultaneously barked “Can’t stand it for another day / I ain’t gonna live my life this way!!” I heard a noise in the hall, and turned around to blow a hellacious cloud of pot smoke in the direction of the slightly-open door to my dorm room, in order to seal it shut. This so I wouldn’t have to get up and close it. Good times.

  17. …why hasn’t Welk-esque music had it’s gov’t mandated revival?… Jeff P.

    In my vicinity, the Welk Show endlessly repeats on our PBS affiliates, both of which are licensed to the state-owned 2-year VocTech college. That sounds pretty gubmint-mandated to me.

    As for any revival, did you miss the Great Swing Scare of the 1990s? (Apologies to Martin Mull.)


  18. …why hasn’t Welk-esque music had it’s gov’t mandated revival?…

    Well, here in North Dakota, the Welk birthplace has been turned into a sort of mini-shrine, funded by…guess who…

  19. I stand corrected: the Welk birthplace never got the half-million bucks from Congress that it wanted (much to the chagrin of Welk’s niece who runs the place). Read all about the Peace Garden State’s answer to Graceland here

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