Lamar! Saves Western Civilization


While all the cool kids were hoisting Mexican flags (or trying and failing to catch protestors embarrassing themselves), Lamar Alexander was defending the Star-Spangled Banner. Lamar's apparently a senator now. I know—I'm as surprised as you.

"According to an article in the Washington Post last Friday, at least 389 different versions of our anthem have been produced over the years, in many musical styles, including rock and roll and country. But, the Post also noted, never before has it been rendered in another language.

"It may be a first, but it is a big first step in the wrong direction. And it's a mistake precisely because our nation is a nation of immigrants.

This is underwhelming coming from Alexander, whose role in the Senate has been to play Laverne to fellow Tennessean Bill Frist's Shirley. Who knows, though. Ten years ago, a little more populism like this might have propelled Lamar! to the White House.