Just So Y'all Know, We're Ashamed the Prime Minister is from Scotland


The Pet Shop Boys are touring a new album and new single, "I'm With Stupid," which, depending on how you hear it, is either about a disintegrating gay relationship or ire at George Bush and Tony Blair. The group played up the political overtones on Top of the Pops, with a dance squad dressed as Blair, Bush, and other political leaders in Gitmo-style orange jumpsuits. But the other political leaders weren't supposed to get that honor. Before the performance, the BBC insisted on striking four of the Bush and Blair masks for "political balance." They were replaced by Bill Clinton, Vladimir Putin, and the leaders of the UK Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties—the latter of whom was against the Iraq war from the getgo.

Brian Doherty's insightful piece on political rock is here.

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  1. I hope Ming the Merciless kicks the Beeb’s collective ass… the Lib Dems have been just about the only serious political party in the English-speaking world that has consistently opposed not only Iraq, but all the civil-liberties mangling measures taken since 9/11 by our ever-so-solicitous governments.

  2. either about a disintegrating gay relationship or ire at George Bush and Tony Blair

    Why not both?

  3. “Just So Y’all Know, We’re Ashamed the Prime Minister is from Scotland”? Brown isn’t Prime minister *yet.* Although I suspect Blair’s days in office will be numbered after the upcoming local elections…

  4. Blair was born in Edinburgh, although I guess “Sedgefield” would have sold the joke better.

  5. Blair’s not much of a Scot, given how little time he was there after his birth. Which is why I’d vote for Sean Connery as prime minister. If your prime minister isn’t Scottish, he’s crap!

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