Maybe the Masses Want Actual Opium This Time


This, from The New York Times, is truly inspiring: Americans are telling their Congressfolk that they don't want rebate checks.

Under the proposal, $100 checks would be sent late this summer to an estimated 100 million taxpayers, regardless of car ownership. Single taxpayers with adjusted gross incomes above about $146,000 would be ineligible for the checks, as would couples earning more than about $219,000. The $100 figure was determined by Mr. Frist's office, which calculated that the average driver would pay about $11 per month in federal gas taxes over nine months.

But disapproval started flowing in almost as soon as the idea surfaced, said aides in several Republican offices. One senior aide to a Southern lawmaker said the calls were surprisingly harsh. Some complained that the rebate would amount to only two fill-ups at the gas station.

A few excerpts really don't do justice to the stupidity practically oozing from the rebate supporters quoted here–senators, consultants, pollsters.

If you're interested in oil-related hysteria, check out Tim Cavanaugh's column on the subject or Ronald Bailey's May cover story on peak oil.