Boycotts for Some, Miniature American Flags for Others


On the off chance you're not participating in an immigrant solidarity boycott, why not celebrate Loyalty Day? The utterly bullshit holiday, created in 1959 to take some of the sheen off those commie May Day parades, is a good time to "make a commitment to be good citizens, fly the American flag, or take the time to learn about our Nation's history," apparently. Or you can celebrate by finding liberal blogs that think George W. Bush invented this holiday out of whole cloth as a way to strengthen his dictatorship.

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  1. Speaking of the immigrant strike, anyone see the disgusting Tom Tancredo article on NRO this morning?

  2. Tancredo is a whore. Behold him kissing ass of legal immigrants (including respected Sergei Brin), yet he’s the one who not too long ago pitched a bill that’d – for all the practical purposes – stop legal immigration completely. Expediency, I reckon, is king…

  3. Aside from the possibility that it may get a whole lot of people fired in exchange for no probable benefits, the idea that a whole bunch of people quitting for a day is gonna “show America what it’s like without immigrants” is absurd. The effects would be profound, but they wouldn’t be anything like that of a massive, sudden drop in workforce numbers. If they did indeed get deported, other folks would inevitably fill most of the gaps left in the market—but since demad for labor would be higher, the cost of labor would also rise. These costs would be passed on to consumers over time, and America would be poorer.

    None of this is illustrated by a single day without workers. They should do the protest over a period of 6 months if they want to illustrate the true impact…because it’s not as if their positions would never be filled, it’s just that it would take more than 24 hours to do so.

  4. I find it interesting that Tyson Foods is closing its operations today because so many employees wanted the day off.

    As for Loyalty Day, ugh. If I’d known about that nonsense I’d have worn red and flown the Soviet flag I acquired for a birthday party decoration years ago, just to be a pain.

  5. “Speaking of the immigrant strike, anyone see the disgusting Tom Tancredo article on NRO this morning?”

    After the third time I put my fist through my monitor while reading NRO, I swore never to visit it again.

  6. And what, in particular, pray tell, is so disgusting about that Tancredo article on NRO?

  7. Tom Tancredo should follow up with an article about the decrease in hospital admissions, births, child molesting (child molesting?) and uninsured people that would occur if all the native-born Americans disappeared.

    No, on second thought, maybe articles in political journals about how great it would be if all the ____________s disappeared aren’t such a great idea.

    Seriously, child molesting?

  8. That Tancredo is one sleazy lying scumbag. Crime figures among illegals are roughly the same as among natives. That sick pig.


  9. Don’t blame me. I voted for Kodos.

  10. Damn, fantastic headline. Reason is giving the Economist a run for its money recently…

  11. …or take the time to learn about our Nation’s history…

    Like that will ever happen.

  12. I hope the illegals are also boycotting the many social services they get today.
    And do illegal immigrants have the same crime rates as natives? I teach criminal justice and that would be news to me, if only because I know the Hispanic crime rate is higher than the average and most immigration is Hispanic. I’m not saying that it could not be the same or lower, just that it would suprise me and before I believed it I would have to see some convincing evidence…

  13. Crime figures among illegals are roughly the same as among natives.

    Except for the fact that the crime rate among illegal immigrants is 100%. Kind of by definition, you know?

  14. Refusing to show up for work on Commie Day is not going to endear these people to the vast majority of Americans.

    I’m for a huge increase in legal immigration, but I won’t be pushing for it now. The last thing the US needs is more European style strikes.

  15. So it’s “power to the people” unless they actually reach for some, in which case it’s “fuck ’em, they’re on their own”?

  16. Wow. You can’t parody this shit anymore.

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