Friday Fun Link: Leninism Invades the Arcades


Mario turns out to be another foreign communist.

Update: More evidence here. Where's the McCarran Act when you really need it?

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  1. Classic. But people with uptight IT departments may want to be careful; the site tried to set a cookie from something called sextracker.

  2. Are you kidding? The Reason writers didn’t know Mario was a Communist? No wonder people accuse libertarians of being out of touch with the times.

  3. Commies? Stalin? What?? Of course the nimble pair owe their origins to two Italian anarchists:

    The truth is that Luigi was inspired by Luigi Lucheni am Italian anarchist who assassinated the Austrian Empress Elisabeth of Bavaria (commonly referred to as Sisi) in 1898. Lucheni believed in propaganda by the deed, a philosophy advocating spreading beliefs through actions

    And the inspiration for Mario was Mario Buda, the Father of the car bomb-with the first known car bomb – Buda’s Wagon – a horse-drawn wagon detonated at the corner of Wall and Broad streets in Manhattan on, (and here’s a clue for you all), September 11, 1920, in protest of the arrest of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti. The blast killed 40 and wounded more than 200.

    Rick Barton
    (posting with my Friday Fun Link screen name)

  4. But the oppressed workers are in another sweatshop.

  5. I thought that Mario was named after the maintenance man in Nintendo of America’s first office in Seattle in the early 80’s…

  6. Might well be. This is the Friday Fun Thread.

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