Don't Mention the Meth!


Steve Perry, the editor of Minnesotan alt weekly City Pages, has apologized for a satirical entry in the paper's "Best of the Twin Cities" issue. Rather than explain what he's wringing his hands over, I'll show you the entry:

Crystal meth

Granted, meth (or crank or ice or glass or tweak or whatever else you call it) has wreaked horrendous damage on families and communities across Minnesota. Between the blizzard of scare stories in the media, the proliferation of those nasty "Life or Meth" billboards on the freeways, and the batch of harsh new meth laws passed by the legislature, Minnesotans seem to have come into collective understanding: meth is the evilest drug ever. Actually, not everyone agrees on this point. As it turns out, there are still plenty of enthusiasts in Minnesota. They value the drug for one reason: It provides a cheap thrill.

And it goes on like this. Best alt weekly scandal since Popegate.