And Now, the Wiki Campaign


The Democratic primary for governor of Georgia is being rocked by allegations of dirty tricks. The tricks in question: Selective editing of rivals' Wikipedia biographies.

Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor's campaign is accusing the campaign manager for Democratic rival Secretary of State Cathy Cox of altering an online biography of Taylor to add his son's drunk driving arrest.

The information on Fletcher Taylor is not inaccurate. He was behind the wheel in an August 2005 accident in South Carolina that left his 22-year-old best friend dead. … Revisions to the lieutenant governor's profile on Wikipedia, a popular online encyclopedia, can be traced to an Internet address that is registered to [Cox campaign manager Morton] Brilliant, according to the Taylor camp.

First of all: Morton Brilliant? Secondly, how long will it take for politicians to figure out the internet? A few months ago, a Republican blogger logged into to grab photos of a Democratic candidate's 18-year old daughter drinking beer and send them to the media. As long as these websites are free and the content is user-driven, this is stuff is going to be part of politics. Perhaps we've discovered why the Congress is so hot on net neutrality.