Air America Plunges to Ground in NYC


So crows Matt Drudge, noting the latest New York radio ratings showing Air America losing a third of its audience there in the past year. A couple of weeks ago, the Chattanoogan reported a similar plunge, all the way off the charts, for an Air America station there.

Back in August, Air America found a fair amount to brag about from Arbitron's Spring 2005 ratings; the fact that Drudge mentions only NYC might indicate that they still have some good news for themselves in the newly released Winter 2006 ratings book, covering Jan-March, since surely Drudge would pile on if they were plunging in many major cities. Or perhaps not; at any rate, I wasn't able to find as of this minute any other Web-available reports on what's in the new Arbitron book. Developing, as they say.

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  1. I don’t know how long AA can last. There are only so many boys and girls clubs around to pillage.

  2. Do people still read Drudge?

  3. Good catch in the analysis.. Drudge would definitely highlight further slips in ratings if possible.

  4. Maybe they’ll give David Lee Roth a show.

  5. I’m still waiting for the Drudge / Al Franken Texas Cage Death Match. Then I’ll start paying attention.

  6. The shows I’ve listened to on Air America (Franken mostly, maybe Rhoads) were boring as hell. Say what you will about Rush and Hannity, but their shows are somewhat entertaining, Rush’s moreso than Hannity’s, though I haven’t listened to either of them in 2-3 years.

  7. Do people still read Drudge?

    Apparently more than listen to Air America.

  8. For some reason, all the good singers are leftist moonbats.

    But none of the good comedians are.

    This suggests Air America ought to go to song and skip the talk entirely.

  9. Yeah, Drudge is real accurate. The first part of the headlin is likely as true as the second part –not at all.

  10. Yeah, Drudge is a trusted media source who never gets anything wrong. Ahem.

  11. Originally a BIG supporter of AA, sadly realize that programming is BORING and REPETITIOUS, with exception of Mike Malloy and Thom Harmon.

  12. The NYC ratings are published before the rating in other markets.

  13. Maybe AA could partner with the Huffington Report and create an unstoppable juggernaut of Leftist talk that no one would dare ignore!!!

    The only time I listen to talk radio is when I’m in the middle of a long drive and want to swap out music for some human voices. The big time guys are all pretty boring (Rush manages to say the same four or five things over and over for three hours), but the late-night loonies are sometimes fun. However, nothing I’ve ever heard of Air America did anything but make me bored to the point of tears. How can the Left control the media and Hollywood yet still be so horribly, horribly bad at mounting a radio production that is the least bit interesting?

  14. What? You didn’t think the “BBC coverage” of the Queen’s 80th birthday drum solo on Al Franken’s show was hilarious. (Even Al Franken couldn’t stomach a third slice of that particular pie.)

    Rush is rarely funny these days either. Even Boortz has gotten stale.

    My suggestion for a happening new talk radio format: Fark radio! Hopefully they would include plenty of news reports by The Onion’s Doyle Redland too. Hmmm. Maybe internet radio is our only hope.

  15. For some reason, all the good singers are leftist moonbats.

    But none of the good comedians are.

    This suggests Air America ought to go to song and skip the talk entirely.

    You know, that’s an interesting idea for a format. “Progressive rock”, maybe? (What, taken? Oops.)

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