Air America Plunges to Ground in NYC


So crows Matt Drudge, noting the latest New York radio ratings showing Air America losing a third of its audience there in the past year. A couple of weeks ago, the Chattanoogan reported a similar plunge, all the way off the charts, for an Air America station there.

Back in August, Air America found a fair amount to brag about from Arbitron's Spring 2005 ratings; the fact that Drudge mentions only NYC might indicate that they still have some good news for themselves in the newly released Winter 2006 ratings book, covering Jan-March, since surely Drudge would pile on if they were plunging in many major cities. Or perhaps not; at any rate, I wasn't able to find as of this minute any other Web-available reports on what's in the new Arbitron book. Developing, as they say.