Set Tasers to KILL!


Reader Mr. Nice Guy sends in this charming tale from BusHitler's Amerika–or maybe ClinTojo's Amerikkka. Or just Jeb Bush's Florida, where life is cheaper than orange juice and old ladies in wheelchairs ought to think twice before threatening police with knives and a hammer.

Couldn't they have just put a police fence around her and waited until she went to sleep?

Or just taunted her, a la Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, that "but cha are in that wheelchair, cha are!" Instead the cops killed her with the coldheartedness of a pack of super-chimps hopped up on Angel Dust and reruns of Quincy, M.E.

Anyhoo, excellent product placement for Taser Inc.:

Tasers deliver a 50,000-volt jolt through two barbed darts that can penetrate clothing. About 7,000 of the nation's 18,000 police agencies had them last year, and they were used by police more than 70,000 times.

Amnesty International counted 61 U.S. deaths following Taser use last year. Taser International officials disputed that count, saying it linked some deaths to Taser use when there had been no such official conclusion.

Whole account here.