I'm A Loser, Baby, So Why'd You Elect Me?


You could never call Minnesota Sen. Mark Dayton "effective" or "barely competent," but you'd have to call him honest. Late last week the retiring senator told high school students that he, like, totally sucked.

Mark Dayton told a group of students that if he was going to grade himself on his accomplishments as a U.S. senator, he'd give himself an "F." … Speaking in general terms, Dayton told the students he feels the country "is going in the wrong direction.

"I can't do anything about that and it bothers me," he said.

We're more than 200 days off from the next election—plenty of time for the other 99 senators to step up and admit their lameness.

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  1. OK, how do I send a donation to his campaign?

  2. Funny, I always thought Dayton was a complete boob, but now I see he is the Greatest Senator Ever. Particular for being a “one and done” type.

  3. Senator Dayton isn’t the only one. I come in day in and day out (except for the days I take off), and bust my buns making myself look like I’m doing something.

    And what thanks do I get? Free 5-star breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Free vacations. Free parking spaces in choice spots. Gifts out the ying-yang. An occasional hooker. All gratis.

    I don’t know why I even bother. Whatever.

  4. Oh, brother, don’t applaud him, he’s a pussy. “I’m really depressed, I failed to accomplish anything at all because my colleagues thwarted me.”

    And, of course, because he was an ineffective senator. (I don’t know the guy, but I can only imagine based on his attitude.)

  5. That’s odd. Even from across the aisle, I always considered Mark to be one of the most effective members in the Senate.

  6. I’m ashamed to share a given name with this weiner.

  7. Well if this guy can’t change anyhting, I feel better about the libertarians not changing things

  8. David Weigel,

    ?Soy un perdedor, tan porqu? usted me eligi??

  9. Just like a Midwesterner to be honest to a fault.

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