Give Me Failing Schools Or Give Me Death


Democrat Cory Booker, a supporter of school vouchers, is making his second run for mayor of Newark. Last time, the voucher issue helped Mayor Sharpe James head off the challenge and smear Booker as a right-wing crypto-Republican (who, of course, wasn't really black). James isn't running again, but a group called Concerned Residents of Newark is loading up to attack Booker on vouchers all over again. They're running (only online for now) one of the nuttiest ads you'll ever see. Somehow, Booker's support for school choice is tied in to Hurricane Katrina, George Bush, "the uncaring Republican party," and caviar.

Keep in mind—this is how voucher opponents are attacking a liberal Democrat and trying to sour black voters on him. It doesn't bode well for the black Republicans making runs in other industrial states this year.

Below the fold, you can see a screenshot of the oh-so-subtle ad.