So Who's the Italian Katherine Harris?


In the unlikely event that an Italian pal trashes American democracy at a cocktail party, you need only bring up the 2006 election. It's still not over, as PM Silvio Berlusconi is doing an Al Gore impression that puts Darrell Hammond to shame. The country's Supreme Court has verified the victory of center-left candidate Romano Prodi by 24,000 votes—but Berlusconi hasn't conceded defeat. Bloomberg adds this interesting factoid:

U.S. President George W. Bush and Pope Benedict XVI have yet to call Prodi to congratulate him. French President Jacques Chirac and U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair have already recognized Prodi's victory.

A country's fate hangs in the balance while the Pope makes up his mind? I thought we stopped that when we elected JFK.

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  1. George “beat” Al Gore by about 250 votes, not 24,000. And after the U.S. Supreme Court “certified” George’s victory (by trampling all over the Constitution, not to mention their own professed principles of judicial reticence, states rights, etc., etc.), Al gave a graceful concession speech, scarcely dwelling on the fact that he’d won a national plurality.

  2. Turn the page, Vanneman.

  3. Yeah, I mean it’s not like any sane citizen of thesehere U-nited states could object to the clearly constitutional and prudent government of George Dubya Bush.

  4. I’ll turn the page when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers, Mynack.

  5. We didn’t stop it, we just stopped paying attention to the pope. It’s Pat Robertson now, and it was Billy Graham before. Jeez, don’t you read the papers?

  6. At least in Gore’s case he never got a chance to govern. I can sympathize with someone whose professional ambition has been thwarted. Somehow seeking power is more understandable to me than clinging to it with the kind of desperation that Berlusconi has been showing.

  7. Yeah, Bob Jones picks the president now.

    From beyond the grave! I think he’s dead. Bob Jones jr or III then. These guys always have these mediocre sons who take over: Jimmy Swaggert, Pat Robertson, that Crystal Catherdral guy. Make that slow, charmless, submediocre sons who just don’t have the juice but get the empire anyway. . .

  8. So Who’s the Italian Katherine Harris?


  9. Damnit, the 2000 election isn’t over, I’m still doing pro bono legal work for International ANSWR! Bush was selected, not elected! We shall overcome!

  10. If the election is not yet decided, does that mean that Berlusconi’s pledge to give up sex until the election is still valid?…

  11. Gore would be… oh, wait, there’s been another election since then. Kerry would be worse!

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