Post-Easter Two Days Too Late Fun Link


A Passion Play of Easter's historically forgotten roots: the Easter Bunny boxes a Pirate.

While masquerading as "full disclosure," this is really just plain bragging: I gave the Pirate, and author, Patrick Hughes his first "professional" writing gig 15 years ago when we were both young and strong and I edited Applause, the entertainment supplement to the Independent Florida Alligator and he wrote a column called "Crank."

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  1. It’s not two days late, it’s five days early! It’s an Orthodox Easter bunny.

  2. brian, please, we’re kickboxing, not boxing. don’t turn my efforts into some sort of farce.

  3. You da man, Patrick Hughes! Keep doing what you’re doing because your blog is COMEDY GOLD!

  4. It’s not Friday but this is a Fun Link so back by popular demand (I still get an email asking for em once in a while), here in another gratuitous New Wave link! Remember this fun crew? Appropriately enough it’s…

    ! Echo & The Bunnymen !

  5. …Make that:”…here “is” another gratuitous New Wave link!”

  6. Oh Rick Barton, when will you learn, New Wave isn’t the answer?

  7. Shem,

    But I love it. So what is the answer? If you say it’s Punk, it better be old school punk like the Ramones and the Sex Pistols. But what is the question?

  8. If the question is; what is the answer to the problems of the world? Of course the answer is liberty! Sweet and precious liberty.

  9. Patrick, you’ll never know how surprised I was to see this link during my morning Libertarian-persuasion-induced browsing. Good job, man.

  10. i’m a tricky motherfucker to escape.

  11. Barton, why don’t you learn to listen to music that actually has some music in it?

    Anyway, being a Patrick Hughes fan is like discovering a fine wine that is so weird you don’t even know who else would possibly enjoy it. I’d almost like to be invited to one of his family’s get togethers if I didn’t have an aversion to three-day hangovers.

  12. “! Echo & The Bunnymen !”

    They had a song on the Dark City soundtrack.

  13. Douglas,

    Ya don’t think that the following are musical??

    Missing Persons, Oingo Boingo, Human League, Blondie, Devo, David Bowie, Kajagoogoo, Go Go’s, Softsell, Culture Club, Thompson Twins, Bananarama, A Flock of Seagulls, Gary Numan, Berlin, Vapors, Wall of Voodoo, The Cars, Duran Duran, Modern English, Thomas Dolby, etc, etc, etc.

    And what would you suggest?

  14. With a couple of exceptions, not very.

    Why don’t you start with Eno & follow the paper trail from there. Most of those bands you quoted were nipping at his flesh anyway, for instance, listen to Before and After Science and try to tell me that Thomas Dolby’s stuff isn’t just a silly putty version of a lot of the stuff on that record.

    I’m not really an asshole but I have played one on television…

  15. Douglas,

    Are you really on TV?

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