Eat To Win


Reader Fred Nolan invites you to take a bite out of, a comprehensive guide to last meal requests by condemned prisoners. Get the skinny on Kevin Kincy, who was executed by lethal injection in Texas on March 29 (without, unfortunately, making any last-meal request; the site doesn't mention what the default last meal is).

Deadmaneating lacks the succinct authority of the conceptual artist Celia A. Shapiro's "Last Meals" project, which reconstructs each prisoner's menu on a serving tray—from Harry Charles Moore's healthful last request to Timothy McVeigh's final indulgence in empty calories to a smorgasbord of other prisoners' choices, some of which look pretty appetizing. Taschen ought to do a book of Shapiro's pics, but in the meantime you can get Ty Treadwell's Last Suppers or prison chef Brian Price's Meals to Die For.

And since this is the day Jesus comes back to finish up the leftover slices of pizza, choose your favorite version of the savior's last meal: Leonardo? Bassano? Master of the Housebook? Girbaud supermodels? David LaChapelle? Other?

What would Black Jesus choose for his last meal? Formerly controversial artist Renee Cox offers up her body in "Yo Mama's Last Supper." Other last meal requests?