Don't Call It A Comeback, He's Blogged Here For Years


Michael Brown be damned. Jeff Gannon's metamorphosis from angry left bloggers' bete noire to LGBT media panelist and Washington Blade columnist is clearly the smoothest re-invention of 2006.

In 2005, as the Gannon controversy sort-of-raged, Reason attempted to dispense chill pills. Jesse Walker's take—that "more people should be allowed into the White House press corps, not less, with a special effort to recruit tedious ideologues of all colors and sizes"—holds up.

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  1. Uncle G, future of the funk…

  2. Love the LL Cool J references, especially since me and him grew up in the same ‘hood. Farmers, what! Farmers, what!

  3. I’ve got no problem with transparently, proudly ideological media.

    I’ve got a problem with media that pretend to be objective and fair, while deliberately working to further an ideological project. It’s dishonest.

  4. Don’t call it a comma splice…

  5. I only have a problem with trying to lump all journalists in the same boat. There actually are a few who are working for no agenda other than ferreting out the truth, and there are some who follow The Economist’s formula of “three parts factual description and one part strongly held opinion or argumentative analysis.” (See the outgoing editor’s excellent farewell.) I don’t mind those people co-existing with the Gannons, Daily Koses and Limbaughs of the world as long as readers make some effort to distinguish who’s who.

    Granted, broadcast journalists are making it especially difficult to make such a distinction, but that doesn’t let the rest of us off the hook.

  6. Well, I’m gonna blog you out!
    Momma said blog you out!

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