The United States: OK, I Guess, But It Would be Better if It Were More Like Mexico


The whole irony of this Mexicans immigrating to the U.S. thing, as Heather MacDonald points out over at City Journal, is that in many ways, America is a more congenial and decent country–overall a better place to live!

But wait, that's apparently not her point at all in this account of how tough Mexico can be on immigrants or visitors–she wants us to emulate Mexico's harsher-than-ours attitude toward summarily deporting people who piss them off:

If Mexico wants to dictate our immigration policy to us, let's follow their example to the letter. That example is particularly relevant on this further day of protests demanding amnesty for illegals. Among the demonstrators in at least 60 cities nationwide will undoubtedly be thousands of border lawbreakers. What would Mexico do? The answer is easy: deport them on the spot. In 2002, a dozen American college students, in Mexico legally, participated peacefully in an environmental protest against a planned airport outside of Mexico City. They swiftly found themselves deported as law-breakers for interfering in Mexico's internal affairs.

If Mexico was willing to strip these students of their duly-obtained travel visas, imagine what it would have done had the students broken into the country surreptitiously–not just summary deportation but undoubtedly howls of complaint to the U.S. government for winking at this double violation of Mexican sovereignty.

She admires their elites ruthless pursuit of perceived self-interest; the interests of any individual American hiring, or benefiting from the services provided by the hiring, or selling anything to any immigrant of whatever legal status don't seem to be in the balance.