Dogs and Cats, Living Together … Mass Hysteria!


Former Congressman Bob Barr, apparently fed-up with Al Gore's mushy middle-of-the-road rhetoric, appeared in Vermont yesterday with Rep. Bernie Sanders. At a forum on war and civil liberties they probably agreed more than they did in 10 years together in the House of Representatives.

"I can't understand that while you have a president thumbing his nose at Congress and the country and expressing disdain for the Constitution that Congress just sits there and takes it," Barr, a top member of the American Conservative Union, said. "How is it that one individual can take power from the people and not be held accountable?"

Sanders is running for the US Senate, and there's a fun lame-o quote from one of his Republican challenger's staffers.

"You might think that Bob Barr and Bernie Sanders are the odd couple," Lennon said. "But they're both extremists and they are the main reason why people around this country are shaking their heads at Washington."

Really? People are angry at Washington because too many politicians are working outside of the two-party system and loudly demanding checks on presidential war powers? I had no idea. But then, I'm not running a losing Senate campaign.

Reason's Jesse Walker spoke with Barr in 2003.