Mexicans! Mexicans Everywhere!


CNN has produced its share of bizarre anchor behavior over the immigration issue, but this rant by Jack Cafferty surely takes the flan.

With every concession by the Bush administration, and the ever-growing demands of Mexican president Vicente Fox, America's illegal aliens are becoming ever bolder. March through our streets and demand your rights. Excuse me? You have no rights here, and that includes the right to tie up our towns and cities and block our streets. At some point this could all turn very violent as Americans become fed up with the failure of their government to address the most pressing domestic issue of our time.

Sturdy Wolf Blitzer was taken aback by this—the rest of their exchange is fun to read, too.

BLITZER: A lot of these demonstrators, you know, Jack, are legal. And many of them are citizens of the United States. They're not all illegal immigrants, the people protesting.

CAFFERTY: How do you know?