Really, We Just Burn It For The Articles


The launch of the most boring skin mag ever—an edition of Playboy purged of nudity to jive with pornography codes—is still raising hackles in Indonesia. The wonderfully Python-esque Islamic Defenders' Front has issued vague threats about what the magazine's editors should expect.

"According to our commitment, if they don't withdraw it then we will act in our own way, the forceful way. Our crew will clearly hound the editors … We even oppose the name Playboy."

Indonesia's Information Minister was quick to say the name "Playboy" is not, in itself, a violation of the pornography code.

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  1. “We even oppose the name Playboy.”

    Funny, I oppose the name “Islamic Defenders’ Front”.

  2. So the Front would ban Synge’s “The Playboy of the Western World”?

    By the way, Hefner at first wanted to call his magazine “Stag Party”….

  3. So, call it something else. Call it ‘Palyboy’.

  4. Can we expect to hear from the “Front for Islamic Defenders” and the “Defenders of the Islamic Front” soon?

  5. It should be pointed out that the insanity we see with the Islamic Defenders Front is no different from the insanity we see here with the Christian moralists. They share the same mentality and experience the same knee-jerk reaction upon hearing that same word, whether it involves the magazine, the location of a political fundraiser, or honoring the magazine’s founder with the naming of a street in Chicago.

  6. uh, beside the gruesome beheading or two….

  7. Um, did anyone notice that this is a story about Indonesia, not Malaysia?

  8. Great, great post title.

  9. Um, did anyone notice that this is a story about Indonesia, not Malaysia?

    Yeah. So?

  10. Man, they really don’t like anything to do with bush.

  11. I once had a real love
    That was when I had you
    Now, I’ll never feel love
    With anyone new

    This false front I’m wearing
    Is just to cover my blues
    They may call me a playboy
    But. I’m just lonesome for you

    -Buck Owens

  12. E. Steven,
    I think Paliboy is reserved for the soon to be released Gaza and West Bank edition of the magazine.

  13. We even oppose the name Playboy.

    Gosh, I can’t think of another title. Sorry.

  14. ChrisO

    What happend to the “Defenders’ Front of Islam”?

  15. When the Brazilian edition of Playboy started back in the late 70’s, we had a conservative dictatorship. So it wasn’t called “Playboy”, but “Homem” (“Man”). In a couple of years it became “Playboy”. But this was ages ago, long before Heff heard the word “branding” outside of a cowboy-BDSM-role-playing context.

  16. Other articles have claimed that many men are really ticked off about the LACK of nudity. Something about false advertising… 🙂

  17. I think the centerfold could be a fold-out prayer rug, and the magazine should be named Prayboy.

  18. Steveo,
    Best comment yet.

  19. Stevo,
    Isn’t Prayboy the name of the Japanese edition?

  20. The Israeli edition for non-jews: PLAYGOY

  21. Or for people who enjoyed The Passion of Christ for the wrong reasons: Flayboy.

  22. Steveo, Best comment yet.

    Thanks — I actually like the follow-ups better.

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