Non-Denial Denial Watch


I'm not supporting or challenging Seymour Hersh's claim about U.S. plans for a nuclear strike on Iraq Iran. I've always been more of a Seymour Heiney fan than a Seymour Hersh fan, and the great thing about Hersh is that his tales always have just about a 50-50 chance of being accurate. And of course if the question is "does the United States have plans to nuke Iran?" somebody will always chime in with the chestnut that Of course we have plans to nuke Iran; we have contingency plans for every region on earth, many of which were shown on the big screen by WOPR.

However, due diligence compels me to point out that calling a claim "wild speculation" is not the same as saying the claim isn't true. In fact, in political speech, it's exactly the opposite of saying it's not true.

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