We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Soros


Last night the House of Representatives passed the 527 Reform Act by a 218-209 vote. The bill raises the cap on individual donations to the political parties to $25,000, while cutting off the amount they can give to 527 groups – formerly an unlimited amount – at $5,000. You'll notice that the bill won the vote of noted reform advocate Tom DeLay (R). That's because the law was written to neuter Democrat-friendly groups like America Coming Together and MoveOn.org, who been collecting hearty donations from millionaires (like conservative Goldstein figure George Soros) to go after Republicans. It's also going to kneecap groups like the Club for Growth and the (still extant) Swift Boat Veterans, but you can't make an omelette without breaking a few international Jewish financiers.

As the Washington Post notes, the Democrats who voted against the bill were supported by Americans for Tax Reform and the Free Congress Foundation. Eighteen Republicans also voted no, including leaders of the Republican Study Committee like Mike Pence and failed majority leader candidate John Shadegg. (Nine pro-"reform" Democrats saved the day by voting with DeLay et al.)