That Explains the Horns on My Bag of Weed


V.S. Herrell, leader of Tennessee's Christian Separatist Church Society, reveals that marijuana is "a Jewish drug." Rastafarians might disagree.

My favorite part is Herrell's discussion of the drug policy reform movement's financial backers:

It is clear, from this author's point-of-view, that [George] Soros and his fellow-travelers are merely front men for a world Zionist conspiracy to destroy America….While we were unable to locate conclusive proof that John Sperling, CEO of the Apollo Group, and Peter Lewis of the Progressive Corporation Insurance Company are indeed Jewish themselves, they are undoubtedly Jewish fellow-travelers…. George Zimmer, founder and president of the Men's Warehouse [sic], was also difficult to pin down as a known Jew. However, he did attend the 26th annual menorah lighting in San Francisco as an honored participant.

I'm accepting nominations for the Catholic drug, the Buddhist drug, the Mormon drug (a toughie), the Muslim drug, etc.

[Thanks to Allen St. Pierre for the link.]