"She's On Her Own Now"


Almost 48 hours after Reason's Brian Doherty chimed in on Rep. Cynthia McKinney's run-in with the law and the story still won't die. The congresswoman is hitting the morning shows, fending off charges of racism (from Tom DeLay), and being told to shut up by the neoconservative horde at The Nation. The magazine's excellent reporter Ari Berman kisses her off in five short paragraphs.

The Nation defended McKinney when the right-wing and AIPAC slimed her as an anti-Semite back in 2002. But, as far as I'm concerned, she's on her own now.

Reason Editor Nick Gillespie first diagnosed McKinney's unique brand of sanity in 2002.

UPDATE: McKinneygate 2006 is bringing out the best in our pundit class. The folks at Media Matters offer a clip of radio host Neil Boortz opining for a really, really long time about the congresswoman's "ghetto trash" hairstyle.

(Reason's web editor Tim Cavanaugh e-mails that he has "mixed feelings about the new 'do: It makes her face look a bit rounder, but takes at least five years off her age.")