With This Blog, I Wish Thee Dead


Liberal bloggers are feeling their oats about the Jill Carroll story; specifically, they're feeling pretty good about not engaging in the "Stockholm Syndrome" theorizing that arose on some conservative blogs. The anti-Carroll commentary ranged from speculative to conspiratorial to downright creepy, and all of it sounded amazingly callous even before the truth of Carroll's story came out. While the crew at ThinkProgress hounds the offenders for apologies, Matt Stoller of MyDD sees right-wingers just being right-wingers.

The Carroll thing is a fairly standard storyline that predates blogs. Right-wingers tend to hate a free media. Right-wingers tend to say creepy and racist things. Right-wingers tend to hate reporters who say that all isn't apple pie in Iraq. This is true on the AM talk radio circuit, at the RNC, in the Oval Office, and on right-wing blogs. I mean the GOP.com blog even has a tag 'good news from Iraq'.

This has NOTHING to do with blogs. Zero. This has to do with a flat-out racist and warmongering right-wing movement that doesn't like a woman whose survival cuts against their narrative.

That might be over the top, but the advent of blogs has started to reveal how many people think like Don Imus.