It Makes No Censure


On Wednesday, Julian Sanchez took note of a Republican memo warning GOP candidates not to distance themselves from the POTUS. The Republican National Committee saw that pitch and swung from the heels, releasing an internet-only ad that pits the president against black-hooded terrorists, FISA courts, and Dick Durbin.

It's a curious little ad. Most of the running time is handed over to Democrats who accuse Bush of "breaking the law" and refuse to rule out censuring or impeaching him to correct any wrongs. In the conversation between the RNC and anyone who's viewing the ad, this talk is "weakening our national security." In the world beyond, the president's approval ratings are cruising around 35-40%. This is a nation that, when presented with the return of Sharon Stone doing what she does best, decided to watch some other movies. I'm not sure if a robust Bush comeback is in the cards. And if not, the GOP should refrain from warning voters that Democrats want to kick him where it hurts.