The Next Crock


The Washington City Paper's Ryan Grim deconstructs (and amends) a March 19 Washington Post scare story about methamphetamine (headlined "The Next Crack Cocaine?") that tried to create a local epidemic out of anecdotes and hunches. It should be a real embarrassment to the Post that its coverage of this issue makes the DEA looks calm and rational.

[Thanks to Bill Piper at the Drug Policy Alliance for the link.]

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  1. Wait a second. These are all the same crock!

    What a…uh…a…uh…

  2. Congrats on the quintuple post. I didn’t think it was possible.

  3. nice to know that the Reason staff experiences the same trouble with the server that we do

  4. I figured he just had the shakes, and clicked the button 5 times by accident.

  5. I had a dream this morning about growing my own MJ for the purpose of selling my harvest for profit. When I woke up, I hoped that one day I might be able to realize this dream.

  6. And, from what I understand, the latest Homeland Security bill includes funding for law enforcement to go after meth labs – it’s an excuse for the wasteful and pointless spending of HSD funds on states like South Dakota and Idaho who get more per capita then we do in NJ, the sick joke being that these goofball hick states get ANY such funding!


  7. I must vent. I have to vent. This is totally off-topic, but important, nonetheless. I’m listening to some twat on Day to Day right now who was in favor of keeping Terri Shiavo alive. And he keeps doing this thing where he’ll be in mid-sentence or mid-argument, and he’s switch with, “I mean, look, blah blah blah blah…” This seems to be a favorite among politicians and slick lawyer-type pundit fucks. What the hell? Why is this taking hold? I mean, LOOK, fuck you. Anyone else know what I’m ranting about?

  8. Why is this taking hold? I mean, LOOK, fuck you. Anyone else know what I’m ranting about?

    How about “I don’t have well thought out reasons but I like to talk?”

  9. Evan — might be time to turn off the tv/radio for a few weeks. I doubt you’ll miss much. In fact, here’s a preview: some politicians will lie, and some pundits will scream some dumb shit at each other, and nobody will remember any of it in 6 months. So why go through it in the first place?

  10. An embarrassment to the Post, you say? You can’t shame the shameless.

  11. independent perm, I mean, worm:

    I keep the NPR talk radio webstream on for background chatter most of the time (I gotta turn off Diane Rheam, though, because her throat condition makes her voice simply infuriating to listen to). Anyway, once in awhile, they have an interesting subject. Today they had an interview with Terri Shiavo’s husband.

    But thanks for the suggestion.

  12. Evan, I heard the same thing on my Sirius radio… to be fair, they also spent lots of time with Michael Schiavo and I think a little less with the “keep her on a ventilator” guy.

  13. This is just part of the political playbook that is brought out during election years. Does anyone vaguely remember anti-flag desecration being talked about a few months ago? They quickly realized how lame that topic was and it dissapeared. The Meth scare is right out of the playbook as is the immigration issue. I’m pretty sure it is all brought out to mask the looting done by BushCo. That crowd has two years left to milk as much from us as possible and they must deflect any interest in their true purpose of enriching themselves.

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