News You Can Really Use


In a new study, researchers at Ohio State University found:

When men and women are angry, they both choose the news media articles they read with the goal of regulating their moods, a new study suggests. But, in some circumstances, men choose to read articles that will fuel their anger, while women choose articles that will dissipate it.

The Ohio State researchers designed the experiment to provoke anger against the experiment's supervisor and then give a chance for some of the subjects to retaliate against the supervisor by giving him or her an evaluation. Before the evaluation, the subjects were given the chance to read a variety of news articles.

They report:

Results showed that men given the chance to retaliate against the supervisor were more likely to choose negative news over positive news, while women chose the positive news.

Perhaps this study sheds some light on the occasionally intemperate blogging comments here at Hit & Run? You know who you are.