Abdul Rahman Update


An Afghan man threatened with the death penalty for converting to Christianity has been released from prison, senior Western diplomats said Tuesday. His whereabouts were not immediately known….

"We have a profound commitment to a person's fundamental freedom to choose how he or she worships and we must be true to that commitment," the [U.S.] embassy [in Kabul] said in a statement.

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Also gone missing: Former Liberian President Charles Taylor, whose resume highlights include

Taylor is accused of starting civil wars in Liberia and its neighbor, Sierra Leone, that killed some 3 million people, and of harboring al-Qaida suicide bombers who attacked the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, killing 12 Americans and more than 200 Africans.

Taylor had been cooling his heels in exile in Nigeria and was supposed to be turned over to a UN tribunal. More here.