Dick Cheney's Demands


If no man is a hero to his valet, then what is Vice President Dick Cheney to hotel staff?

The Smoking Gun has published the veep's decidedly minimalist demands whenever he's checking into the local Motel 6 after a long day of doing whatever it is he does all day:

While the vice president's requests are pretty modest (no extract-the-brown-M&M demands here), Cheney does like his suite at a comfy 68 degrees. And, of course, all the televisions need to be preset to the Fox News Channel (what, you thought he was a Lifetime devotee?)….And when Cheney is traveling with his wife Lynne, the second family's suite needs an additional two bottles of sparkling water. Mrs. Cheney's H2O should be either Calistoga or, curiously, Perrier, a favored beverage of French terrorism appeasers.

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