Sweet Loretta Nall vs. Judge Roy Moore (Alabama-Is-Gaining-On-Mississippi Edition)


Reader Warren directed our attention last week to this tragically overlooked story in contemporary politics. From the Daily Kos via Blue Gal:

Loretta Nall is the only candidate for Governor in Alabama who publicly admits that she does not wear panties.

Her brother is in prison for alcohol related offenses and she was not allowed to visit him because in spite of wearing pants, she was not wearing panties underneath. Going commando is apparently enough in Alabama to get you kicked outta prison. Hallelujah!

Needless to say, Nall is vying for the Libertarian Party nod and has a pretty damn good web site explaining her positions on just about everything.

Here's hoping she gets to run against Roy "Ten Commandments" Moore, the judge who worshipped a rock with Mosaic law inscribed on it like, well, a golden calf.