Of Course Charles M. Schulz Thinks Charlie Brown Is A Blockhead. Why Else Would He Have Lucy Say It?


John McWhorter attempts a critique of The Boondocks, and stumbles badly. Here's a sample:

I get especially itchy when [Aaron] McGruder takes the us-versus-them pose into the dangerous idea that until that "revolution" comes, it is simply self-preservation to sidestep the norms of the oppressor. Mr. McGruder has Riley abetting violent criminals and giving us wisdom on whites such as this: "When they talk, they say the whole word li-ke thisss. And white people take time out to study." Funny, I guess. But all this shows is that lil' Riley is on his way to being one of those middle-class black kids who thinks school is "white." Or he's on his way to jail. Ha ha.

Now, I'm not especially fond of the Boondocks strip, and the one episode I've seen of the animated version was even worse. But surely it doesn't take a close reading to understand that Riley is the target of the satire here. I can understand why some people believe Huey is McGruder's mouthpiece, but Riley? You might as well claim that B.D. is a stand-in for Garry Trudeau.