Missouri Loves Company. And Salem, Missouri Loves Chief Wana Dubie…


Reader and law clerk Jonathan Bunch sends word of the newest electoral darling in the Show-Me State, where Chief Wana Dubie, Libertarian, looks poised to kick the ass of Jason T. Smith, Republican, in the District 150 State Representative race.

Go here for details.

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  1. Note to Thomas Knapp: This is not the guy you want to run your spoiler against!

  2. What, you don’t think he’s “serious” enough?

  3. Real: have an opinion on Barry Bonds?

    (it took a while before this non-interstater got the joke)

    is this Stevo Darkly’s alter ego???????

  4. The LP should change its logo to a moonbat.

  5. If Jesse the Body can become governnor of Minnesota, and the Republicans can run Arnold Schwarzenegger with a straight face, this isn’t really that far off the line.

  6. For those who missed it, sounds like chief wan dubie is a made up name. Real person or nor, I don’t know, I am betting on the latter.

    If he turns out to not be real and no Democrat runs for the seat as well, then this may actually turn out to be one of the most watched races in the country.

    Imagine if “he” wins or gets something like 45% of the vote.

    By the way, I ran a google search on the good chief and I got 25 “hits”, not counting the two sponsored links to Dubai. I have never come even close to only 25 hits before.

  7. I almost forgot, if Chief Wana Dubie turns out to not be real, and the people of MO realize that, then “he” will almost certainly get more votes than a real live LP candidate would.

  8. I can only imagine that this illustrious Indian fellow is pro-legalization.


  9. Larry, that’s insane! What makes you say that?

  10. I bet the Kos Kids are kicking themselves now for not throwing money at this race.

  11. is this Stevo Darkly’s alter ego???????

    Innocent! I don’t do doobie and I’m too lazy and politics-hating to run for office.

    But I am surprised at all these weird news stories emanating from my state lately.

    There is always something new coming out of Missouri.

  12. Stevo Darkly-what part of Misery are you in?

  13. St. Louis. (I think poster Six Sigma lives here too.)

  14. And I lived in Poplar Bluff for a year back in the late 70s.

    I was there when the sin-and-corruption folks overcame the forces of virtue and passed a referendum that let organized gambling run rampant through innocent victims, luring them into lives of black despair. (IOW it allowed folks to participate in the Publisher?s Clearing House sweepstakes.)

  15. Stevo Darkly- That would make three reasonoids in MO, including myself. I’m on the other side of the state, though, near Kansas City. And uncomfortably close to Kansas.

  16. make that four, including Knapp, who also lived in St. Louis last time I ran across him.

  17. “And uncomfortably close to Kansas.”

    that pretty much covers all territory this side of alpha centouri…


    stevo: touche 🙂

  18. Chief Wana Dubie

    I think his brother Chief Wanapipa Crack is running for Representative here in Cleveland.

  19. Er, maybe I was thinking of Wanatoka Crackpipe.

  20. I, for one, am happy to see that after centuries of oppression, Native Americans are making great contributions to the American democratic process. I hope that Chief Dubie is elected, thereby following in the footsteps of such illustrious public servants as Rep. Joseph Giggling Prairie Dog (D-WY), Rep. Bill He-Who-Eats-All-My-Doritos (D-TN), and Sen. Sam Redeye Cottonmouth (R-UT).

  21. I love Missouri. Where else could John Ashcroft loose a race to a dead guy and Chief Wana Dubie run long against a Republican shoo-in?
    For what it’s worth I hope that the good chief is actually meetin’ and greetin’ the public but somehow I think not.

  22. Haha, cool. I’ve had car trouble in Salem the last two times I’ve been driving to/ from Rolla…

  23. I don’t make very many comments, but this post and the subsequent comments require that I say something. I also am a Missouri Reasonoid, currently living in Saint Louis but originally from Poplar Bluff (which by the way, Larry A. whereabouts in P.B. did you live?). I find it pretty surprising how many of us there are around here.

  24. If I can run for office you can run for office….”put a hippie to work” And…..inhale to the chief. I am real and I look forward representing the 150th district. Thanks, Chief Wana Dubie http://www.chiefwanadubie.com

  25. Gasp! He’s real, and so is his Web site!

  26. Wow I think this is freakin awesome! Chief’s runnin for representative? hell yeah! im courtney, im only 17 years old and in college 2 years early, so u can assume that i know some very smart people. but ive known chief for a couple years now and let me tell you hes one of the smartest people i know. hes a good friend of our family and every time we all get together, i learn so much from chief. it seems like he knows everything. chief proves that u dont have to go to college to be smart. chief is probably one of the nicest people i know, too. hes given me several things (no not bongs or pipes for u stupid asses on here), but things that actually have meaning for me. chief would never hurt a fly and i think it would be awesome if he won the election. even tho im not old enough to vote yet, im pushin for chief all the way! i know he would help out the citizens of missouri alot, and for all of u who are scared that marijuana might get legalized, maybe if u took a couple hits off that pipe and got ur heads outta ur stiff asses, u might realize that its not all terrible and horrendous as u think. good luck chief!

  27. I’ve known chief for probably a year now and I can testify that of all the people that could possiblly run for political office Chief is the one dude I can 100% trust to represent the people all of the time.Check out his website, learn his story and vote for chief. INHALE TO THE CHIEF!1

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