Response From One of the Loving County Three


Don Duncan, mentioned a few weeks ago in my commentary on Loving County, TX and the Free Town Project (or the Free County Project, as Duncan calls it), responds:


Are you a libertarian? I assume not, because you refer to Larry Pendarvis as a "losertarian" in your communtary on "Free Towners Mess With Texas, Lose", Feb.25, 2006. We did not "mess with Texas" or "lose" and we are not "freetowners" but "freecountyers". I wrote out a long rebuttal about a week ago but it did not post. Why? I tried again today and found communtaries are no longer accepted. How can I correct the errors on hitandrun? Update: the Texas Ranger dropped the warrants after investigation. We need to attract libertarians to Loving county so we need to present our side of the story.

Please advise.

Toward a voluntary society, Don Duncan