Taking a Bite Out of Crunchy Cons


Radley Balko spits 'em out (before chewing them up, admittedly) in a punchout of the "crunchy cons" phenomenon, that seems apt enough to me on the big issues. (I've read the original article from which Rod Dreher's new book was derived and expanded but, like Balko, not the book itself.)

For those with an endless appetite for seeing the National Review crowd don the Burke-a, muse over whether Willmoore is less, angrily ask each other if they be Illichin', redbait the Red States, and stage cagematches between Dorothy "The Catholic Killa" Day and Henry "the Hanoi Hustler" Kissinger for the conserrrrrvative title belt, see the "crunchy con" blog, a recent guilty pleasure and time sink of the most indulgent style of modernity.