Mark Trail vs. Eminent Domain


You know the post-Kelo message is getting around when even the hero of Mark Trail comics has thrown his backwoods-chiseled frame into the fight against eminent domain:

Put aside Mary Worth, and catch up on the whole storyline:

Trail and "Longtime St. Bernard Friend" are just trying to get back to the forest. A three-point deer listens in as Trail's old friend "Doc" says no to building a nature-destroying road to a local casino. Jack Elrod takes a Sunday break to celebrate the osprey. Doc's nemesis Sam Hill, who seems to be Doc himself wearing Mr. Weatherbee's suit, threatens to use his political connections to force a road through. Hill/Weatherbee uses the familiar excuse that the road will "benefit everyone." Even the squirrels fear the new highway. Trail arrives, begins unpacking travel bag full of identical tan workshirts. Is that pheasant ruffed grouse afraid of the road, or because "Crystal Lake" is the setting of the Friday the 13th series? Hangdog Doc is already giving up hope of fighting Sam Hill's powerful political friends. A brief interlude to explain why the Alaskan Malamute is better than a snowmobile. Today's issue.

Trail has delivered country-style ass-whuppings in the past: Can he use the same methods agains Big Government?

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Latest state-level action on curbing eminent domain abuses.

Thanks to Alan Vanneman for the Trail tip.