Gillespie on CNBC, 10:45AM ET


I'll be on CNBC's Market Watch in less than an hour, yapping about Wal-Mart's new employee healthcare plan and related issues.

Reason's Julian Sanchez reviewed the anti-Wal-Mart flick The High Cost of Low Price here.

And a decade ago, I reported on the "superstore wars" then busting out in these United States like an Iraqi insurgency.

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  1. Ok, here’s the plan. Nick, you say that the Wal-Mart stock price should SURGE in response to these developments. Folks know how smart you are, Reason is, libertarians are in general-it should work. We’ll position ourselves long and wait…


  2. Oh, no! Gillespie’s taken to referring to himself in the third person!

  3. Surely you’ll come out against this extra cost, and the threat it poses to low low prices.

    And since we all know that every dollar spent at Wally World over the past three decades counts as a vote against employee health care, you’ll no doubt paste the company for ignoring its customers’ expressed preference.

  4. Nick,

    Nice leather…

  5. Executive director of Wal-Mart watch? What a freaking goof.

  6. Wow… after 10+ years of watching Squawk Box, I’ve got a newfound respect for Mark Haines.

  7. 46% of Wally employees are on medicare. What % of all people are on medicare? What % would be on medicare if Wallys didn’t exist?

  8. 46% of Wally employees are on medicare.
    Then something’s wrong with Medicare. Down with old people!

    What % of all people are on Medicare?
    Although this isn’t a real answer, 46% happens to be the same value I’ve seen for the percentage of all U.S. medical bills paid by taxpayers.

  9. It makes my follicles hurt.

    Offering jobs = burdening government health plans.

    It pains me that an argument so obviously based on nothing but gimme gimme gimme has traction.

  10. Good job Nick! What a breath of fresh air. A condensed expose on the superiority of markets, and the deleterious effects of government intervention in healthcare. And after defending Wal-Mart, Nick criticized where criticism s disserved -WalMart’s acceptance of government subsidization. Let’s all get a hold of CNBC and ask them to have Nick on as a regular…

    CNBC viewer services at 877-251-5685. (toll free)

  11. Agreed. Good job Nick! (Not that Bozo was much competition.)

  12. Nick,

    That ten-year old article refers to “Home Deport” in the headline. Lonewacko might enjoy that.

  13. I fully agreed with Andrew Grossman on Wal-Mart lack of social concern in their health care issue. I also know that health issue will inpact all of us including Mark, while the Walton family gets richer.

    I know that it is a traded company but so are other companies, it is when we think that money is the almighty god that society goes down the tube and everyone suffers.

    Thank you.


  14. Pat,

    However concerned Wal-Mart is. Nick had the workable ideas about making healthcare available and affordable. Who’s Mark?

  15. …Oh, ya mean Mark Haines. Mark really called him on it when Grossman started sounding like a back-biting politician.

  16. Pat, have you talked to Jesus today?

  17. Pat just needs to watch the South Park episode about “Wall*Mart.”

    One of my favorites.

  18. All I know is that my box of Wal-Mart bran flakes that has been $1.50 for years just set me back an extra 7 cents. That’s quite a bit more of a leap than my cost of living raise for 2006.
    Won’t be long before I’ll be spending more time in the pet food aisle.

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