Guess There Hasn't Seemed to Be Much Call For It 'Round These Parts


Good news in these surveillance-ridden, fearful days: 2004's intelligence overhaul bill created a "Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board" to ensure citizens rights are minded in the gathering of intelligence.

Predictable punchline: The Board has never yet met.

[Link via Marginal Revolution.]

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  1. The best way to silence an issue is to co-opt it.

    Then, kill it in procedure.

    Then, if anyone asks questions, appoint a partisan panel to review the issue.

    If you REALLY want to bury an issue = launch a bipartisan investigation only allowed to look into questions people aren?t asking.

    Announce the investigation has found no evidence for what they weren?t looking for.

  2. “Predictable punchline: The Board has never yet met.”

    Par for the course. The BATFE is required to have a review system in place for convicted felons who wish to get their 2nd Amendment rights back.

    It’s never been funded, has never met, and as a result has never even looked at a single case.

    Pretty sad, when you stop to think about how many non-violent felonies people get convicted for.

  3. it’s the single most popular cheese in the world!

    dontcha know we’re at war, or something?

    now where’s noam…….

  4. “Ah! We have a Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, yes sir.”

    “You do! Excellent!”

    “Ah … it’s a bit runny.”

    “Oh, I like it runny!”

    “Well … it’s very runny, actually, sir.”

    “No matter! Fetch hither the Conseil d’Inadvertance d’Intimitet de Liberte Civiles — mwah!”

    “I think it’s probably a bit runnier than you’ll like, sir …”

    “I don’t care how fucking runny it is, hand it over with all speed.”


    “What now?”

    “The cat’s eaten it!”

    Did he.”

    “‘She,’ sir.”

  5. Look here, I’m stopping this whole civil liberties nonsense right now because it’s entirely too silly.

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