Fruit of Islam


The Strand, a student paper at Victoria University of the University of Toronto, gets into the strangest Muhammad cartoon controversy yet. In a chin-stroking essay on its decision about reprinting the Jyllands-Posten pics, editor-in-chief Aine O'Hare decides that the original cartoons have no news value, but that this one does:

An Islamic student group is outraged. So is this blogger, who objects that Jesus in the picture is "clearly the sexual aggressor." I say any self-respecting Christian should want Jesus to be the top, and the most offensive thing in this affair is that Aine O'Hare's incoherent essay contains a metaphor so tortured even Alberto Gonzales wouldn't allow it:

"However, you can only push an envelope so far before you get a nasty paper cut, one sure to be infected with the gangrene of social unrest."

Statement from Victoria University president P.W. Gooch.

Homosexuality in Pakistani madrassas.

Fruit of Islam, in spiffy bellhop uniforms, guarding the Honorable Elijah Muhammad during a speech.