Three Years For David Irving, or, Maybe There Really Is Something To This Whole Holocaust Thing


An Austrian court has sentenced David Irving to three years in prison, after the historian pled guilty to the charge of denying the Holocaust. This follows a surprise reversal from Irving: A few days ago he announced that he'd discovered new evidence in 1992 indicating that Jews really were killed by the Third Reich—evidence that apparently was so cleverly hidden it had previously been available to everybody on the planet except the self-described foremost historian of fascism. "I am not a Holocaust denier. My views have changed," Irivng said. "History is a constantly growing tree: the more you learn, the more documents are available, the more you learn, and I have learned a lot since 1989… Yes, there were gas chambers. Millions of Jews died, there is no question. I don't know the figures. I'm not an expert on the Holocaust."

Details about the trial and the larger fight over Muhammad and free speech in Europe. My own defense of Irving's right to be wrong.