Why Mommy Is a Democrat…


Paul Wilbert sends scarifying news of the latest–and possibly the saddest–skirmish in the Red State/Blue State culture wars: A kid's book titled Why Mommy Is a Democrat, which should be subtitled Why Republicans Run All Branches of the Federal Government and Probably Will for the Next 20 or 30 Years.

From the book's pitchpage:

Kids want to know.

Kids need to know.

It's up to you to tell them…


A different kind of children's book.

Yes, it is a different kind of children's book–a really bad kind. Here's a sample page that will almost certainly drive more young 'uns into the warm arms of such cuddly father figures as Deadeye Dick Cheney (it's been known to happen!):


More–including blurbs from such political kingmakers as the mayor of Columbus, Ohio, a Utah state senator, and the long-deposed creator of The Daily Show (who makes Craig Kilborn's post DS career look like a success) here.

Note to Democrats: A two-party duopoly only works if both parties can throw a punch. I half-suspect this of being a GOP plant job.