CPAC Blogging: Starved for Attention Edition


So, I didn't think Ann Coulter's remarks at CPAC merited a post of their own, but apparently various other bloggers are disappointed in her reference to Muslims as "ragheads". I'm not sure why. In a sane universe, Coutler would be the third-string backup for the guy who warms up the audience for the guy who warms up the audience for Leno. Whatever weird cosmic whimsy requires me to know who Richard Simmons is has briefly given her a national profile, but her schtick must wear thin even for die-hard conservatives after a few iterations, and she's passed the age where she can count on College Republicans conjuring up her bony visage in the shower as a marketing hook. So now she's resorting to crude racial epithets to stir up a few minutes worth of blogospheric conversation? Shocking. Wake me when she's on season five of The Surreal Life with the dude who played Joey on Blossom.