CPAC Blogging: Spreading Santorum Edition


I just caught a few of Ricky Santorum's pre–book signing remarks, consisting above all of his recounting of a debate over "partial birth" abortion with Hillary Clinton. Short version: Rick is showing big pictures of fetuses on the Senate floor. Clinton objects that this is unfair because many late-term abortions involve fetuses with severe deformities, such that they're expected to live only a few agonizing days or weeks if brought to term—a scenario the PBA ban made no accomodation for. Santorum replies (mustering as much gravitas as is possible for someone who looks like he started shaving last week): "I… we… don't see the difference." Lesson: Hillary Clinton is a bigot who hates the disabled—or, as Santorum characterizes those born with major organ systems outside the body, those who "aren't perfect."