Hillary In A Walk In '08?


"The way we see it the next President of the United States is either Hillary Clinton or John McCain" says Sportsinteraction.com. "Though the smart money is on Hillary."

Read the evidence and weep. At 5-2 odds, the junior Senator from New York takes the field from Arizona's McNasty. Those hoping for a Hillary Clinton-Rudolph Giuliani rematch will be disappointed, as McCain, at 7-1, narrowly edges out the former mayor (8-1). The last time Hillary and Rudy faced off, of course, members of the Clintons' coven obtained a piece of Giuliani's hairpiece and were able to strike him down with a medical malediction. Will the melanoma- and prostate-stricken erstwhile Cap'n of the Straight Talk Express fare any better? My own bet for the Democratic nomination, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, is puffing and wheezing in the middle of the pack, alongside old grey mares like John "I'll sue ya!" Edwards and Evan "I'm a legacy" Bayh. And sweeping up confetti in the back are such dark horses as Jeb Bush (25-1), Tom Daschle (33-1), and John Kerry (50-1).

Sportsinteraction.com brags that it's a regulated gambling site, so maybe the fix is in for the establishment schmos? Probably not. Playersonly.com (which isn't getting top billing only because, unlike Sportsinteraction, it didn't spam me the results this morning), has more or less similar numbers for the frontrunners, and puts Richardson back with such hopeless causes as Kerry, Tom Daschle, and Tom Ridge (the last man to die for George W. Bush's mistakes). In the unlikely event of a Bill Maher-Michael Moore presidential race, by the way, the smart money's on Maher. Oddschecker.com has McCain and George Allen (was he the coach of the Redskins or something?) well ahead of Giuliani for the Republicans, and Hillary without serious competition for the Democrats. The futures market at Intrade.com lists a 30.7 bid price for McCain and a 41.6 bid price for Hillary.

One bet you'll definitely want to take: The loser in 2008 will be the United States of America.

If you're in the mood for a mushmouthed pitch for Sportsinteraction.com by USFL breakout star and four-time Super Bowl loser Jim Kelly, you're in luck.