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I've been asked to sub in on an America's Future Foundation panel tonight on "Dating in the Age of Constant Communication." Inshallah, by tonight I will have figured out precisely what that means. Stop by if you're in the neighborhood:

AFF's next roundtable discussion will take place on Wednesday, February 8, and the topic will be the impact technology has had on dating. Moderated by Ken Wolfe, featuring confirmed panelists Charlotte Hays of the Independent Women's Forum, Julian Sanchez of Reason magazine, AFF Doublethink Sex Columnist Mollie Ziegler, and Martin Reape, a jaded survivor of the experience.

The event will take place at the Fund for American Studies, 1706 New Hampshire Avenue, NW, near Dupont Circle. Drinks at 6:30; Roundtable begins at 7:00. Roundtables are free for members, $5 for non-members.

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  1. “Martin Reape, a jaded survivor of the experience.”

    I’d like to know more about that.

  2. “Dating in the Age of Constant Communication.”

    Topics to include “How to score on Craigslist 101” and “My Space: boon or bust?”

  3. Also “The Orkut story: what I did when my favorite hook-up site was taken over by Brazilians”

  4. is a peculiar experience. Not totally convinced it’s worth the money.

  5. Also, I heard a story on NPR yesterday. Evidently DC has the highest HIV/AIDS infection rate in the entire nation. Something like one person in fifty.

  6. Despite having first done online dating in the early 90s before the Intarweb, I’m also pretty down on it. I found it to be a way to meet a lot of people you find out you have no chemistry with in person.

  7. I thought perhaps it was a session on the lack of privacy and continuity inherent in dating people who have cellphones laminated to their ears.

  8. Or maybe it would be better titled “Dating in the Age of Constant Misommunication.”

    Just because you’re talking doesn’t mean I understand what the hell you’re saying. Smiley faces or no smiley faces.

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