So SOTU Begins… (As Doth Some Live Blogging)


Well, the State of the Union is just about getting underway and if past years are any indication, you won't have to take that Ambien tonight.

But to paraphrase Godard, when I hear the term State of the Union, I reach for my wallet.

I can't imagine this year will be any different.

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  1. Does the President have to give a SOTU address? …in wartime, I mean.

  2. Thank God, we’re not surrendering to Evil!

  3. Ken —
    The president has to, from time to time, let Congress know how things are going. He can do it in person, by letter, by BlackBerry, or on his frickin’ page; the Constitution doesn’t really care. But big ol’ media events have a certain inescapable appeal to a certain sort of person: The elected sort.

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