Bush's Cop-Rock-Level Ratings on Eve of SOTU


So how's Bush doing on the eve of his State of the Union address? The short answer: 44 percent approve of "how Bush is handling his job"; 55 percent disapprove; and 4 percent just don't know (they really, really, really just don't know). Here's some more data from a Time mag poll:

Almost two-thirds of Americans (63%) still see the country going down the wrong track, up three points from late November (60% wrong track).

Two in three (64%) disapprove of the job that President Bush is doing to keep the cost of government down.

Bush continues to have negative approval ratings with regard to his handling of illegal immigration (61% disapprove–24% approve) the economy (56%–39%) and the situation in Iraq (60%–38%).

60% disapprove of his handling of the war in Iraq, unchanged since late November.

About half (51%) of Americans say it was wrong to go to war with Iraq, with 44% saying it was right– little changed over the past year.

Handling the war on terrorism (48% disapprove–47% approve) with approval down 9 points from last January.

In the "red" states, that is the states responsible for Bush's 2004 re-election, his approval rating is split at 48% approve–48% disapprove.

Although Bush's approval among Republicans remains steady at 79% approve–18% disapprove, the President receives negative ratings from his party in handling of the illegal immigrant problem (49% disapprove–37% approve) and split ratings on keeping the cost of government down (47% approve–45% disapprove).

Even more data–including a couple of answers that explain why the Dems haven't capitalized on low Bush and GOP ratings–here.