Another sentence that wouldn't have made any sense 20 years ago…


"Gay romance is easier to sell to the academy than a complex study of an Israeli assassin."

Tell that to Harry Hamlin and Michael Ontkean!

Drudge looks to stir up a ruckus at Universal about whether the studio is giving more support to one of its Oscar-bait offerings (Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain) than to the other (Steven Spielberg's Munich). Having seen neither Brokeback nor Munich I'm ideally positioned to say that Universal's Land of the Dead puts both these stinkers in the shithouse. But there's a bigger story here: No matter which picture the studio backs, you've got Australian Eric Bana sharing the inside Best Actor track with Australian Heath Ledger. Haven't we been here before? Gibson, Crowe, Kidman, sooner or later Watts… They should just rename it the Auscars®. So once again, the question arises: Where's Paul Hogan's Oscar?