A Blog Vacation


I'm on vacation for the next week, so you'll be largely spared my nattering here at Hit and Run for the time being. I will, however, be blogging over at Andrew Sullivan's site, where The Atlantic's Ross Douthat and I will be filling in for the next few weeks while Andrew takes a book-writing sabbatical.

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  1. Some vacation! Someone cut off Julian’s internet connection!!

  2. Talk about a bussman’s holiday.

  3. Wait a minute, Julian. If you can blog elsewhere, why not here? Too much physical distance? Please explain yourself! 😉

    Happy vacation!

  4. The more physically distant you are, the harder you have to push the keys on your keyboard in order to post. It’s something to do with the hydraulic pressure of electrons.

    If you don’t push hard enough, your comment can take a long, long time to post, or maybe not show up at all.

    You;ve never noticed this?

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