A nostalgic note for those of us who remember the days when bOING bOING was a magazine, not a blog: The first issue, dated 1989, has been scanned and posted online. Back in the day, bOING bOING was to Mondo 2000 as Mondo 2000 was to Wired, and if you know what I mean by that, you're old.

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  1. You know what was a good magazine?

  2. Shit. I guess I’m old.

  3. Jaybird: Yeah, but was it better than Dynamite?

  4. Those early editions of Mondo were pure gold.

    Or at least that’s the way I remember them. I’ll have to see if I can’t find a few for sale somewhere.

  5. Jesse,
    You are so right. Dynamite ruled! I remember articles on: PONG the latest high tech craze, Linda Carter’s new Wonder Woman costume, and the playboy lifestyle of Prince Andrew.

  6. Damn! Jessie beat me to the punch with Dynamite!

    Does anyone remember Odyssey? Even though I was a sci-fi geek since I saw Star Wars at age four, it was Odyssey (it had that cartoon robot, Ulysses, as it’s mascot, and even had ads for D&D and Star Frontiers in it) that got me interested in actual astronomy.

    How about all the other PBS related kids magaizes? I had subscriptions to 3-2-1 Contact and Enter.

  7. Was it originally published in Boulder CO? And did I meet one or more of the principles back then? Or am I hallucinating all that?

    Regarding your analogy, one can understand what you mean by it without having familiarity with the zines you’re referencing. But Jesse, if you think your current age makes you old, JUST YOU WAIT.

  8. Nope, no clue what you’re talking about. But then again I was 5 years old in 1989…

  9. I am not old. I am “seasoned.” Usually paprika.

    Jennifer was just asking last night why Electric Company hasn’t been released on DVD…

  10. All this talk about Dynamite and Bananas is making me feel real old.

  11. BTW, for another piece of geeky, cyberpunk nostolgia, R. Talosarian Games just relased a new, updated edition of Cyberpunk role-playing game.

    “Updated” in a “Ghost In The Shell: Stand Along Complex” heavy-on-the-biotech/nanotech sort of way.

    Ron Bailey would love it, along with Steve Jackson Games’ Transhuman Space.

  12. My grade school years were sustained with a steady diet of EC Comic reprints and lots of Warren Publications. The nuns at my school were cool with comics but sticklers for the Comics Code. An issue of Creepy could be concealed in a copy of Dynamite quite easily. Headless naked axe-wielding zombie women rule.

  13. Jesse,
    Unless you once collected an entire series of Wacky Packages, you’re still a wee tot.

  14. Man, Mondo 2000 — haven’t thought about that magazine in ages. I’m still waiting for the day, maybe around 2005 or so, when virtual reality has become mainstream and millions of Americans have shrugged off their “meatspace” bodies in favor of total 24/7 immersion in a sexy VR world.

    I loved boing boing. Got my first copy in 1990, after leaving for college and expanding my horizons. Between that and Factsheet Five, I was awash in crazy literature.


  15. Don’t forget Garbage Pail Kids.

  16. Does knowing what a “Wacky Packy” is make one old? Uh, oh.

    Back to topic: I like Boing Boing, but the posters go off into Bizarro World quite often. Some of their stuff is soooo freakin’ weird.

    Jennifer (channeling another thread), Electric Company was great. How could it not be, with Oscar winners Morgan Freeman and Rita Moreno? I understand that Morgan Freeman was Spidey-Man, though he probably denies that now.

  17. Anyone here old enough to remember Wet magazine?

  18. To answer Jennifer’s Electric Company query, I think the answer is simple:

    M ore

    C ash

  19. I’m old. I remember Mondo 2000.

    I remember both Dynamite and Bananas, although the memories of the two are hopelessly intertangled in my mind.

    Anyone here old enough to remember Wet magazine?

    Never heard of it, and the name makes me very afraid to click on the link at work.

  20. Don’t worry, Wet was not porn and the link is safe for work. Everybody is so dirty-minded these days….

  21. I stole a Real Silver Dollar from my mom’s jewelry box to buy the issue of Dynamite with The Six Million Dollar Man on the cover. Got my ass whupped but good for that one, but it was totally worth it.

  22. Don’t worry, Wet was not porn and the link is safe for work.


    Everybody is so dirty-minded these days….

    It’s not just me, then.

  23. I took the liberty of posting just their interview with the LP candidate:

    < href=””>Libertarians: The Cool Party Even Before Blogs

  24. I guess I need to know the secret handshake in order to use HTML. Here’s the link:

  25. Does knowing what a “Wacky Packy” is make one old? Uh, oh.

    Nah, you can still buy them at Target.

  26. You bastard…I am old too… Oh and I so loved playing Cyberpunk 2020. A damn good game…nice and violent with no lame magic like Shadowrun. I loved running it as a GM.

  27. Oh hands up who has been nerdy, geeky or lame enough to attend a hacker convention?

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